logoNote: You can still register and access all content, yet this course was implemented in early 2019.

Since climate change mitigation and adaptation is one of the top global priorities and transport is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, alternative means of mobility are increasingly gaining importance. As the key to a sustainable transformation of mobility, e-mobility is known to be climate-friendly, environmentally friendly, resource-saving and efficient. Although the large potential of e-mobility is widely recognized, technological development and energy supply still represent major challenges for e-mobility, which is why further investments in research and infrastructure are needed.

We believe that the training of students is very important for the e-mobility industry around the world, as e-mobility is an economically and technologically important future topic with many learning opportunities and very good career prospects. Therefore, our online course "Digital Learning and E-Mobility" seeks to inform you about e-mobility and to inspire you to explore and follow career opportunities in this area.

This course is offered by the following collaborating partners:
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