16-17 June 2020
The corona pandemic has led to a change in the original plans for BSR electric’s Final Conference: Originally foreseen to take place in Gothenburg, the hosts have decided to transform the final event into a virtual conference.

This key online event will now take place from the 16th till the 17th of June 2020, and during these two days you can expect lots of interactive presentations, films, joint learning and networking opportunities.

Aiming to maxim outreach and transnational learning far beyond the BSR region, the e-conference is being organized as open access event, meaning that it is free of charge and all featured content is produced in a way that allows reuse and replication for everyone (so-called Open Educational Resources).

Delegates can stop by any time.

This is what you can expect when participating in our virtual event:

  • Along with interactive presentation of BSR electric outputs by project partners, the e-conference will also feature insights into various electrification projects around Gothenburg. Different electric modes like ferries, buses, as well as logistics vehicles like trucks and mini vans, with their supporting infrastructure are planned to be on virtual display.
  • See and hear expert speakers highlighting challenges and opportunities of sustainable mobility!
  • Engage in virtual discussions with our project partners in a dedicated Q+A session!
  • Interact and network with a global conference community!
We very much look forward to seeing you online – register now for the e-conference by clicking on the headline!